Identify unused potential- digitalize!

Screen processes and optimize them

You are the expert in your industry and your company. You know what you are doing. We respect every company’s performance. We do not question your approaches because we know better, but because we want to understand. After all, good questions often lead to new insights and ideas. We reformulate what we have understood and write down our insights in an easily accessible and reusable form, so that this knowledge can be used for future projects. Moreover, we reuse existing concepts and process descriptions and expand them. We look at the details of the posting transactions in the system and learn from our users what the strengths and weaknesses of the used applications are.

It is not just about IT. Especially the organizational workflows should be analyzed for their optimization potential. We are grateful for every hint at where the problems lie. If different points of views or conflicts come up within the team, we moderate and de-emotionalize the discussion in the interest of a fruitful cooperation. We deal very carefully with your scarcest resource, i.e. time. We minimize group meetings that last for hours, but rather have selective individual conversations to get to the bottom of things and complete our picture. Our work is solution-oriented. We are concerned with the activation, the optimization, the exchange and the expansion of individual “gears”.

Potential-maximizing advice for you – subsidized by the state

You have a leadership position in a medium-sized company. Due to the highly dynamic market conditions and the dramatic technological change you need an experienced and professional coach who is on hand with help and advice. We provide you with competent advice and we are neutral as far as the suppliers are concerned. An open and unbiased conversation with a view from an outside perspective can be beneficial when it comes to finding the right strategies for the future. If you are interested in further advice after our first conversation that is free of charge, you will be supported with public funds. Under the heading of “Potential-maximizing Advice“, the German Federal Employment Ministry offers proven financial support, among other things for the latest topics concerning digitization. The money is provided by the European Social Fund and it supposed to make companies and their employees more successful. The Federal Employment Ministry provides funds for up to ten days of consultation with a grant of 500 euros per day of consultation. If your company is situated in North-Rhine-Westphalia, we gladly assist you with the application.