How da Vinci became Part of clavis (Part 2)

Da Vinci as our Role Model

We’re far from being so presumptuous as to place ourselves on the same level with Leonardo da Vinci, the universal genius of the 15th and 16th century. However, da Vinci had many qualities and capabilities that are, even from a modern viewpoint, visionary and that we as a company want to emulate.

A well-developed power of observation as well as precision and skillfulness are essential requirements for the development of software solutions. After all, it is for a reason that the term “software architecture” is called that way: Translating corporal processes into software requires an interplay of creativity and the art of engineering.

Da Vincis Ingenieurskunst ist ein Richtmaß, andem wir unsere Software-Architekturen messen lassen wollen.

We always do our best to adopt da Vinci’s qualities and adjust them to our needs. Like da Vinci we want to be visionary, innovative, and open-minded, and we want to think in all directions in order to find the best solutions for our clients and help them optimize their corporal processes. These processes are similar to a machinery, a clockwork, in which all parts have to mesh precisely to avoid frictional loss. In the end, that’s exactly what da Vinci did with his constructions: facilitate and improve working processes.

Moreover, da Vinci’s cosmopolitanism has a role model function for us. With our website, this blog, and our products and services, we open up constantly to new ideas and are looking forward to come into contact with other people and their visions.

Da Vinci on our Homepage

Code: Influenced by the “da Vinci code” that became famous through Dan Brown’s novel we developed our “clavis clode”, which serves as a thread or pattern for our company and the software that we develop. –

“You can add as many zeros as you want: The result will not equal one” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Design of our website: As we keep to da Vinci’s sense of aesthetics, the structure of the pages is in line with the golden ratio.

Core set of values: Both on the homepage as well as in the explanation of our philosphy, we take up the values that are especially important to us and represent every single one of us.

Drawings: As precisely as drawings try to represent reality, our software solutions are supposed to represent and facilitate corporate and business processes.

Vision and Mission

Like da Vinci, we not only want to stay visionaries, but also have concrete projects and actions speak for us.

With this new and innovative website we want to express that clavis is more than just a dusty IT hut. At the same time we are well aware that only imagination and an ornate writing style are not enough: We have to put our ideas into practice. That’s why we daily meet the challenge to realize your visions and work hard to live up to this high standard.

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