How da Vinci became Part of clavis (Part 1)

As clavis solutions has grown and changed a lot in the last year, the whole team felt the urge of having a website that accommodates these changes and represents us adequately. And what is more representative of a company than its own website?

It quickly became evident that it wouldn’t be easy to find a way of conveying our new “identity” in terms of content, language, as well as visual appearance. Also, we wanted to include the ideas and thoughts of the whole team in this process, so that in the end everyone would fully identify with the result.

In Search of the right Symbol

The starting point of our project “relaunch of our website” was a brainstorming of all employees in the garden of the “Kreativhaus” in Bonn. In bright sunlight, we tried to find answers to important questions in order to get to the heart of our identity:

How do we see ourselves as a company and service provider? What are our special strengths? Which images can we use to describe our services and processes? Which values are important for every single one of us?

And, if clavis was a public character, who would it be?

Brainstorming für Website-Konzept im Garten


Our co-working partner deswegen supported us in designing the concept for the new website. To have room for creative ideas, it was important for the deswegen team to know our corporate philosophy, but not the results of our brainstorming in terms of images, symbols etc.

All the more we were surprised and happy when deswegen presented us their first concept proposal: They had come up with the same answer to our question: “If clavis was a public character, who would it be?”! It was clearly: Leonardo da Vinci.

The Idea of the clavis Code was born!

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is now the heart of our corporate philosophy and reminds us that, even when developing software, man always has to be the focus of interest.

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