Let the Blog begin!

Post I - RedaktionsteamA political scientist and a biologist responsible for editorial work… a recipe for disaster? Not at all! Our team is just as diverse as our range of services and individual software solutions. At clavis, people with different backgrounds and experiences come together and complement each other.
Who are we? Claudia Gronemeier is the head of the sales and marketing department, Jennifer Jandl is the webmaster. We’re looking forward to the challenge of filling this newly created blog with life and content.

What’s the Point?

As a young and dynamic company that wants to present itself online, we feel that we can’t draw a representative picture of us by just providing static content. Having a BLOG on our newly designed website seemed to be the only way out of this problem. It allows us to post and discuss what matters to us without having to pay attention to menu structure or strict conventions.

In this blog, we intend to present and discuss current issues in the IT sector, report on our latest projects, encourage visiting authors to contribute, give advice to software users, and, last but not least, introduce ourselves as a team (on facebook, the whole thing will be even more personal).

Invitation to contribute

This blog will only become lively and dynamic if the circle of people reading and contributing actively exceeds the clavis team, that is, if YOU take part in the discussions! We want to make contact with people who can identify with our company and our topics as well as everyone who is interested in knowing more about us and our work.

That’s why we invite you to take part in our discussions, use the comment feature and give us ideas for new topics. Also, we’re happy to receive feedback via e-mail to: redaktion@clavis-solutions.de.

We’re looking forward to your contributions!

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